Screenprinting Inks

BG 1400 Screenprinting Ink

High gloss finish, air drying, synthetic ink suitable for printing on many types of paper and cardboard, on lacquered wood, glass and metals.

The high concentration of pigments in the standard colours result in a sharp and opaque print.

The ink dries through oxidation and polymerisation of the synthetic resins and is touch dry in ca. 4 - 6 hours. The ink can be overprinted with a next colour after 15-20 hours.

The drying speed can be increased by heating in an oven. The drying time is about 30 minutes at 120°C and about 20 minutes at 150° C. At too high temperatures the white shades becomes slightly yellow.

The Colormatic matching system enables you to match a simulation of shades according to Pantone® -, HKS-, RAL- and Visprox colours. Condition: 100T, white substrate.

Colour range: 15 standard colours + base tix and 11 Colormatic colours + clear.


Standart Colors

1401 EO White*
1402 EO Black*
1405 Blackboard Black
1406 Medium Yellow
1407 Bright Orange
1410 Bright Red
1415 Sky Blue
1422 Brilliant Blue
1427 Blue
1429 Azure Blue
1438 Brilliant Green
1439 Spring Green
1441 Pale Red
1447 Silver
1449 Clear/Over. Varnish

* EO= Extra Opaque

Colormatic Colors

1400 A Lemon Yellow
1400 B Golden Yellow
1400 C Orange
1400 D Red
1400 E Carmine
1400 F Pink
1400 G Bright Violet
1400 H Permanent Blue
1400 K Permanent Green
1401 L White
1402 M Black
1449 Clear/Over. Varnish


1440 Absorption Base
1450 Halftone Paste


1 lt, 5 lt, 25 lt
Thinner 1

Retarder 4 (Special retarder extra slow)
Retarder 3


Type Opaque, airdrying synthetic ink.
Application On all current types of paper- and cardboard,metals, glass, wood and lacquered substrates.


Genaral Good printing qualities.
Good hiding power.
Fine outline sharpness.

Air drying:
ca. 4 hours and can be overprinted after 15 hours.
20 minutes at 150° C.
30 minutes at 120° C.

Gloss High Gloss.
Spreading Through 73T - 100T mesh : 35 - 45 m²/l.


Thinner Machine- or hand printing: 10% of retarder 3 can be added. When printing fine details: 10% of retarder 4 (special retarder extra slow) can be added.
Mesh 73 T - 100 T
Cleaning Appropriate are: Screenwash, -T.F., -L.P.and Super Screenwash.
Security All inks are provided with security- and health instructions.