Screenprinting Inks

Epoxy 100 Screenprinting Ink

High gloss finish, slow drying two component epoxy ink for printing on glass, ceramics, (lacquered) metals, melamines, etc.

The Epoxy 100 inks dry by evaporation of the solvents and the chemical reaction (polymerization) between the ink and the hardener.

Mix the ink and hardener thoroughly and allow to stand the mixture for a period of 30 minutes. This so called induction period is necessary to start the polymerization process. Only mix quantities that will be used within a 6 hour period. After this period the ink become unusable.

Nevertheless these inks air dry from 4-6 hours it takes 4-7 days to achieve a maximum adhesion and chemical resistance. After this period Epoxy 100 inks exhibit a good resistance to solvents, various chemicals, detergents etc.

Always use clean equipment for the mixing of the ink and hardener and make certain that the surface to be printed is free of dirt and grease. These inks are not recommended for outdoor use.

Colour range: 11 standard colours + clear.


Standard Colours

101 EO White
102 Black
106 Medium Yellow
110 Bright Red
115 Sky Blue
122 Brilliant Blue
127 Blue
131 Rich Yellow
133 Super Orange
139 Spring Green
141 Pale Red
149 Clear


Catalyst 6

Thiner 28



Type Two-component epoxy-ink.
Application On various materials, like metals, glass, ceramic and lacquered objects.


General Good printing qualities.
Good chemical resistance.
Drying Air drying:
4 -   6 hours.
Oven heating: 
5 - 10 minutes at 150° C.
10 - 20 minutes at 120° C.
20 - 40 minutes at  80° C.
Gloss High gloss.
Spreading capacity Through 73T - 90T mesh: about 35-45 m²/l.


Catalyst Colour  :  1 volume part of hardener no.6 (catalyst) add to 5 volume parts of ink.
Varnish : 1 volume part of hardener no.6 (catalyst) add to 3 volume parts of Clear/Varnish.
Thinner Machine printing or hand printing : 5 - 10% of thinner 28 can be added.
Attention Leave  the ink-catalyst mixture 30 minutes before use. Potlife of the mixed ink is about 6 hours.
Cleaning Appropriate are: Screenwash and -L.P.
Mesh 73T - 90T.
Security All our inks are provided with security- and health instructions.