Pad Printing Inks

Multiplast 300 Padprinting Ink .

Gloss finish, jet drying pvc ink for the printing of practically all pvc materials, such as self-adhesive vinyls, softened types of vinyl, acrylics, ABS, coated polyester and other synthetic materials.

The inks are suitable for machine- and hand printing, but can also be used for pad printing.

The Multiplast 300 offers an excellent outdoor resistance, and it is both petrol resistant and plasticiser resistant. The Multiplast 300 ink dries by evaporation of the solvents. Drying in racks, the ink is touch dry after 5-10 minutes and for jet drying, the optimum temperature/belt speed must be found through experience. A guideline is: 15-40 sec. in a jet drier with a good aircirculation at 45-55° C.

The full colour range is in accordance with the EN 71-3 and ASTMF-963 norm for toy regulations. The Colormatic matching system enables you to match a simulation of shades according to Pantone® -, HKS-, RAL- and Visprox colours. Condition: 100T, white substrate.

Colour range: 26 standard colours, 14 high opaque colours, crystal clear, sparkling- and glitter silver, pearl base, phosphorescent, 5 white colours appropriate to marking, 11 Colormatic colours + clear, 8 transparent colours, and 4 halftone process colours + base tix.


Standard colours

301 L White
301 EO White *
301 SO White#
302 M Black
302 EO Black *
306 Medium Yellow
307 Bright Orange
310 Bright Red
315 Sky Blue
322 Brilliant Blue
323 Mono Blue
327 Blue
329 Azure Blue
333 Super Orange
338 Brilliant Green
339 Spring Green
341 Pale Red
345 Clear Flat
346-1 Pale Gold N.T.
346-2 Rich Gold N.T.
347 Silver
300 Sparkling Silver
300 Glitt. Silver Fine
300 Glitt. Silver coarse
300 Pearl Base
349 Üstbaskı Verniği

300 Crystal Clear
300 Obliterating Grey
300 Crystal Clear
300 Obliterating Grey
300 Reflex Blue
300 Process Blue

Extra Opaque Colours

300.761 Op. Yellow
300.762 Op. Dark Yellow
300.763 Op. Orange
300.764 Op. Red
300.765 Op. Rubine Red
300.766 Op. Pink
300.767 Op. Violet
300.768 Op. Blue
300.769 Op. Dark Blue
300.770 Op. Green
300.771 Op. Silver
300.772 Op. Rich gold
300.773 Op. Pale gold
300.774 Op. Cupper
304 EO* Primerose Yellow
308 EO* Fire Red
314 EO* Dark Green
315 EO* Sky Blue
318 EO* Medium Green
322 EO* Brilliant Blue
327 EO* Blue
331 EO* Rich Yellow
333 EO* Super Orange
339 EO* Spring Green

EO= Ektra örtücü
SO= Süper örtücü

Colormatic Matching Colours

300 A Lemon Yellow
300 B Golden Yellow
300 C Orange
300 D Red
300 E Carmine
300 F Pink
300 G Bright Violet
300 H Permanent Blue
300 K Permanent Green
301 L White
302 M Black
349 Üstbaskı Verniği
300 Laminasyon verniği

Transparent Colours

371 Violet
372 Yellow
374 Red
376 Blue
377 Green
379 Pink

Halftone Process Colours

350 Clear Tix
351 Yellow Tix
352 Cyan Tix
353 Magenta Tix
354 Black Tix


P.C. Retarder 27 (extreme slow)
Thinner 39 (Bisonyl Thinner
Retarder 4 (Spec. retarder)
Retarder 7
Thinner 51
Thinner 10 (Fast Thinner)
Thinner 11 (spray thinner)



Fast tunnel drying, vinyl ink.

Application On practically all current pvc-materials, coated polyester, acrylics and various other synthetic materials.



Optimum printing qualities, good hiding power, very elastic. Suitable for duplex stickers.


Air drying: 3 -10 minutes.
Tunnel drying: 15 -20 seconds at 55-65° C.

Gloss Beautiful gloss.

Through 73-55, 120-34 mesh: 35 - 60 m²/l.

Colour mixing

In this ink series not only the Visprox colours according to the Colormatic matching system can be obtained by using the mixing colours A-M but also colours of other matching systems. Condition: 100-40 mesh, white substrate.

EN 71.3/
ASTM F 963
All the mentioned colours comply to the EN 71.3 and the ASTM F 963 norm.


Thinner Machine printing: 20 - 25% thinner 51 can be added. Hand printing/fine details: 20 - 25% of retarder 7 can be added. Various other thinners can be added (see price list and techn.information).
Mesh 73-55 T, 120-34 T

Appropriate are: Screenwash, -T.F., -L.P. and Super Screenwash.

Clear Laminating

The Multiplast 300 Clear Laminating varnish is especially designed as a laminating varnish


Varnish for credit cards. Mesh: 120-34. Laminating temperature: dependent on the machinery used, approx 160°C for 30 minutes. Use 20-25% Thinner 71. No other thinner or retarder are allowed .

Security All our ink are provided with security- and health instructions.