Screenprinting Inks

PVF 1200 Fluorescent Screenprinting Ink.

PVF 1200 is a jet drying, fluorescent, matt screen printing ink for printing on pvc-materials, acrylic, ABS and various other synthetic materials (not polystyrene), as well as on practically all current types of coated paper and cardboard for commercial and security purposes.

PVF 1200 ink is suitable for both machine and hand printing.

The PVF 1200 inks dry by solvent evaporation. When jet dried, the drying time is dependent on tunnel temperature, fineness of the mesh, thinner, qualities of the to be printed material. The optimum temperatureconveyor- belt speed proportion has to be found through experience.

When air dried, the inkfilm is touch dry after 10-30 minutes. The moment of piling up is depending on the thinner applied, mesh count, temperature, ventilation and the qualities of the to be printed material.

Since fluorescent materials own their brilliancy to the reflection of white light onto the background, the inks must be printed over white backgrounds.

Colour range: 10 standard colours.


Standart Colors

1262 Primprouse Yellow Flour
1264 Deep Orange Flour
1265 Fire Red Flour
1267 Freen Flour
1268 Blue Flour
1270 Magenta Flour


1 lt, 5 lt, 25 lt
Thinner 71

Retarder 7
Retarder 4 (Special retarder extra slow)


Type Fast drying fluorescent ink.

On practically all current types of
paper- and cardboard, pvc- and acrylic


Genaral Fast drying.
Good printing qualities.
Beautiful colour on white substrate.
Drying Air drying : 10 - 15 minutes.
Tunnel drying : 15 - 40 seconds at 35-45° C.
Weather resistance

Generally speaking, the fluor pigments are inappropriate to outdoor exposure, which also
applies to the PVF 1200 inks.

Gloss Matt.
Spreading capacity Through 73T - 100T mesh : about 35 - 50 m²/l.



Machine printing: 25 - 30% of thinner 71 can be added.
Hand printing/fine details: 25 -30% of retarder 7 or retarder 4 (special retarder extra slow) can be added.

Mesh 73 T - 100 T
Cleaning Appropriate are: Screenwash , -T.F., -W.O., -K.D., -L.P. and Super Screenwash.
Security All our ink are provided with security- and health instructions.