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Pad Printing Articles

A Basic Overview of The Pad Printing Process

The basic padprinting process is simple enough in nature. This article will show how the padprinting process works and why it is especially suited for printing on irregular shaped objects (a.k.a. substrate) as well as flat surfaces.

Choosing a Pad Printing Machine

In the padprinting industry purchasing decisions are often based on asswnptions that are simply nuts - literally.

Controlling Ambient Conditions in Pad Printing

After working with pad-printing machines for 20 years, I've seen many improvements in the technology. Upgrades in inks and pads have helped make the process more controllable..

Process-Color Pad Printing

As with most methods of reproducing process-color images, the creation of near-photographic quality separates the novices from the experts. Process-color pad printing has been practiced for many years and came of age when photographic images first saw use in CD printing, before the introduction of today's high-speed multipolar screen-printing presses.

Selecting the Correct Pad Printing Cliche

Read about how to select the correct cliche for your pad printing job.

Understanding the Pad Printing Pad

Probably the most difficult question to answer about the pad-printing process is, "How do I determine what pad to use?".. Five key pad characteristics can affect the quality of the printed image..

Using The Padprinting Ink

Article about Preserving the colour, Catalyst, Compatibility of the padprinting Ink with other products..