Screenprinting Inks

SET 4000

Jet drying, gloss finish, cellulose based ink for processing on full- and semi automatic machines. Also suitable for hand printing due to its strong self-resolving power.

These type of inks are nowadays mainly used for the printing of practically all current types of coated paper, cardboard and synthetic paper like Yupo® and Synteape®.

The SET 4000 dry by evaporation of the solvents. Air dried, the ink is touch dry after 10-15 minutes and can be piled up after 1/2-1 hour. After drying, the inkfilm has an excellent rub resistance.

SET 4000 inks jet dry within 15 - 40 seconds at 40 to 60°C. Properly dried SET 4000 inks allows immediate piling up without blocking problems.

The Colormatic matching system enables you to match a simulation of shades according to Pantone® -, HKS-, RAL- and Visprox colours. Condition: 100T, white substrate.

Colour range: 16 standard colours, 4 halftone process colours, base tix and 11 Colormatic mixing colours + clear.


Standard Colours

4001 L White
4002 M Black
4003 Light Gray
4006 Medium Yellow
4007 Bright Orange
4040 Bright Red
4015 Sky Blue
4022 Brilliant Blue
4023 Mono Blue
4027 Blue
4029 Azure Blue
4033 Super Orange
4038 Brilliant Green
4039 Spring Green
4041 Pale Red
4047 Silver
4049 Spreading capacity verniği
4050 Halftone Paste
4051 Yellow Tix
4052 Cyan Tix
4053 Magenta Tix
4054 Black Tix
4055 Rubine Red Tix

Colormatic Matching Colours

4000 A Lemon Yellow
4000 B Golden Yellow
4000 C Orange
4000 D Red
4000 E Carmine
4000 F Pink
4000 G Bright Violet
4000 H Permanent Blue
4000 K Permanent Green
4001 L White
4002 M Black
4049 Spreading capacity verniği


Thiner 71
Thiner 1 (super fastı)

Retarder 7


Type Fast drying paper ink.
Uygulama Alanları On practically all-current types of paper- and cardboard, Yupo, wood and lacquered metals.



Fast drying.
Good printing qualities.
Excellent self-resolving power.


5 - 15 minutes.
Tunnel drying:
10 - 15 seconds at 40-60° C.

Gloss Glossy on coated materials.
Spreading Through 100T - 120T mesh: about 50 - 60 m²/l.
Colour mixing

In this ink series not only the Visprox colours according to the Colormatic matching system can be obtained by using the mixing colours A-M but also colours of other matching systems.
Condition: 100T mesh, white substrate.



Machine printing: 20 - 25% of thinner 1 (super fast) or thinner 71 can be added. Hand printing/fine details: 20 - 25% of retarder 7 can be added.

Mesh 100 T - 120 T
Cleaning Appropriate are Screenwash, -T.F., -W.O., -K.D., -L.P. and Super Screenwash.

All our ink are provided with security- and health instructions.