Screenprinting Inks

Scratch OFF 600

Fast Jet drying scratch-off ink with excellent hiding power for the printing of scratch-off lottery tickets on paper and cardboard, pre-varnished by means of screen printing with either SET 4000 underprint varnish or an UV curing varnish such as UVCC-2.

The Scratch Off 600 ink are aIso suitable for printing on some litho offset varnishes; it is highly recommended to check the scratch-off behaviour of the ink before printing the whole run.

The excellent hiding power of the inks make the underlying texts and sym-bols invisible.

The Scratch Off 600 inks dry by evaporation of the solvents. Jet drying time is dependent on jet temperature, used mesh count, thinner and properties of the substrate. The optimum ratio between temperature and conveyor-belt speed has to be found through experience.

Air dried, the inkfilm is touch-dry after approximately 1 - 2 hours. The moment of piling up is dependent on the applied thinner or retarder, used mesh count, temperature, ventilation and the properties of the substrate.

Colour range: bronze, silver and gold + 4000 underprint Varnish.


Standard Colours 

600 Bronze
646 Gold
647 Silver
4000 Underprinting Varnish


1 lt, 5 lt, 25 lt
Thiner 1
Thiner 71 (For Underprinting Varnish)

Retarder 3
Retarder 7 (For Underprinting Varnish)


Type Tunnel drying opaque scratch-off ink.
Uygulama Alanları For the manufacture of scratch-off lottery-tickets on paper or cardboard provided with a layer of varnish applied by means of the silkscreen printing process. Also suitable for prints on an offset-press varnish.


Genaral Good printing qualities.
Excellent hiding power.
Drying Air drying :5 - 15 minutes.
Tunnel drying: 15 - 40 seconds at 55-65° C.
Gloss Matt.
Spreading capacity

Scratch-off ink: through 61T - 90T mesh, 25 - 35 m²/l. Underprint Varnish: through 73T - 100T, 35 - 55 m²/l.


Inks Ready for use. If required, an addition of about 5% thinner 1. Ink with a higher viscosity gives a better scratch-off result than one with a lower viscosity.
Thinner SET 4000 Underprint Varnish
Machine printing: The SET 4000 Underprint Varnish can be diluted with 25 - 30% of thinner 71. Hand printing/fine detail: 25% of retarder 7.
Mesh 61 T - 90 T. İyi verniklenmiş bir yüzeyde en iyi sonuç 61 gözenek büyüklüğü ile sağlanır.
Mesh Ink: 61T - 90T. The best results will be achieved through a mesh of 61T on a good varnished substrate.
Varnish: 73T - 100T. The type of mesh is dependent on the degree of absorption of the paper or cardboard.
Cleaning Appropriate are: Screenwash , -T.F., -W.O., -K.D., -L.P. and Super Screenwash.
Security All our ink are provided with security- and health instructions.