Screenprinting Inks

TCI 8700 Screenprinting Ink

Air- and jet drying, gloss finish, one or two pack, screen- and pad printing ink with a long pot life for the printing of various substrates, such as pretreated polyethylene, -polypropylene, polyester, pvc, acrylics, aluminium, polycarbonate, glass, melamine, and other rigid materials.

Drying takes place by evaporation of the solvents. The chemical reaction between the components sets only in after drying. As this reaction takes place without consumption of oxygen, piling up is possible immediately after drying without disturbing the curing.

Forced drying by means of a jet drier or oven is possible. Guideline: Jet temperature 40 - 50° C during 50-60 sec. Oven temperature: depending on the colour, 25 - 30 min. at 120° C or 5 - 10 min. at max. 180° C.

The full colour range is in accordance with the EN 71-3 and ASTMF-963 norm for toy regulations.

The Colormatic matching system enables you to match a simulation of shades according to Pantone® -, HKS-, RAL- and Visprox colours. Condition: 100T, white substrate.

Colour range: 21 standard colours, 11 Colormatic mixing colours + clear, 6 traffic sign colours, 4 halftone process colours + base tix, pearl base, sparkling silver, gold and silver.


Standard Colours

8701 L White
8701 EO* White
8701 EO* White Flat
8702 M Black
8702 Black Flat
8702 EO* Black
8703 Light Gray
8706 Medium Yellow
8707 Bright Orange
8710 Bright Red
8715 Sky Blue
8722 Brilliant Blue
8723 Mono Blue
8727 Blue
8729 Azure Blue
8733 Super Orange
8738 Brilliant Green
8739 Spring Green
8741 Pale Red
8745 Clear Flat
8747 Silver
8700 Sparkling Silver
8700 Glittering Silver Fine
8700 Glittering Silver Coarse
8700 Pearl Base
8749 Vernik

EO= Extra Opaque

Colormatic matching colors

8700 A Lemon Yellow
8700 B Golden Yellow
8700 C Orange
8700 D Red
8700 E Carmine
8700 F Pink
8700 G Bright Violet
8700 H Permanent Blue
8700 K Permanent Green
8701 L White
8702 M Black
8749 Vernik

Halftone process colours

8750 Clear Tix
8751 Yellow Tix
8752 Cyan Tix
8753 Magenta Tix
8754 Black Tix
8755 Rubine Red Tix


Polyester bonding improver Hardener no. 5 (Glasshardener)


Hardener no. 2 (8785)

Retarder 4 (special retarder extra slow)
Retarder 8

Thinner 10
Thinner 11 (spray thinner)


Type Air drying two-component ink, tunnel drying possible, also appropriate for pad printing.
Application On aluminium, polyacrylics, pvc, polyester, pre-treated polyethylene and polypropylene, various other synthetic materials with, if necessary the use of an adhesion agent. (See this leaflet and ink additives.)



Very good printing qualities and elastic.
Good chemical and weather resistance.


Air drying: 5 - 20 minutes.
Tunnel drying: 15 - 40 seconds at 45-55° C. Oven temperature 5 - 10 minutes at 180° C or 25 - 30 minutes at 120° C.

Gloss Glossy.
Spreading Through 73T - 120T mesh: 35 - 60 m²/l.
Colour mixing

In this ink series not only the Visprox colours according to the Colormatic matching system can be obtained by using the mixing colours A-M but also colours of other matching systems. Pantone formulations are available.
Condition: 100T mesh, white substrate.

EN 71.3/
ASTM F 963

All the mentioned colours comply to the EN 71.3 and the ASTM F 963 norm.


Hardener Mixing ratio: add 6 - 10% Hardener no.2 (TCI 8785) to the ink.
Thinner Machine printing: 15 - 20% thinner 10 can be added. Hand printing/fine details: 15 - 20% of retarder 8 or retarder 4 can be added as well. Various other thinners can also be added.
Pot life The pot life of the mixture ink-hardener is about 72 hours.
Attention When printing overlapping prints with TCI 8700 colours or varnish see to it that this will be done within 48 hours.
Mesh 73T - 120T.
Cleaning Appropriate are: Screenwash , -T.X.F., -L.O.D. and Super Screenwash.
All our inks are provided with security- and health instructions.