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Traffic Sign NTS 4400 Screenprinting Ink

The NTS 4400 ink is a gloss finish, slow drying two-component screen printing ink for the printing of retroreflective foils for traffic signs.

These inks are based on a top quality, high solid vehicle system and special pigments to meet the international standards for road- and traffic signs.

The exterior durablilty effective, and performance depends on the quality of the applied reflective sheeting. Proper colour(s) and durability is achieved by using only 100 (T)/ 40μ mesh (metric).

Other mesh counts are not recommended. A clear coat extends the mechanical properties and durability. The potlife of the ink-hardener mixture is about 8 - 12 hours.

A second printing run can be effectuated after about 6 -8 hours, depending on the thinner applied, the temperature and air circulation during the drying cycle. Forced drying is recommended to speed up the drying cycle. The prints fully cure in 72 hours.

Colour range: 8 transparent traffic sign colours, white eo, black and clear.


Standard Colours

4401 EO White *
4402 Black
4492 Blue
4493 Dark Blue
4494 Green
4495 Orange
4496 Red
4497 Yellow
4498 Dark Red

EO=Extra Örtücü


Sertleştirci no. 3 (Catalyst)

Thiner 61

Retarder 4


Type Glossy, chemical drying, two-component ink.
Uygulama Alanları For the printing of traffic or road signs on retroreflective films for long duration traffic signs.


Genaral Good printing qualities.
Optimum lightfastness.
Excellent elasticity.
High mechanical and chemical resistance.
Drying Air-drying: after 3 - 4 hours at 20°C hand dry. Tunnel drying is possible in order to shorten the drying time, after which final drying must be realised in a drying rack. A guideline is: at 60°C during 60 sec. in a tunnel with a good air circulation.
Gloss High glossy, dependent on the substrate.
Mesh The transparency of the colours are based on printing through 100-40 (T) metric mesh.
Spreading capacity Through 100 T mesh: approximately 45 m²/l.


Catalyst Add 25% of Hardener no. 3 (Catalyst) to the volume of the ink or varnish. Too little an addition of catalyst results into poor drying and poor weather resistance.
Thinner Machine printing or hand printing: add 10% of thinner 61 to the mixture. If the circumstances are extreme 10% of retarder 4 can be added.

Pot life of the mixed ink at 20°C is about 8-12 hours, fully hardened through after 3-4 days.


Applying a layer of varnish on the NTS 4400 inks does not improve the lightfastness, but does improve the mechanical resistance.
Application: varnishing has to take place within 3 days after printing of the colours. Recommended mesh type: 100T.

Cleaning Appropriate are: Screenwash and -L.P.
Security All our inks are provided with security- and health instructions.